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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Valerie Albarda’s Midlife-A-Go-Go

In this blog promotion series on YBC, I’ve met some amazing women recently, all mid-lifers, who entertain, amuse, and enlighten me. Valerie Albarda is another blogger I’m proud to showcase. And I have to insert here that I love her logo!

Midlife-A-Go-Go, in Valerie’s words, “kicked off in early April 2015. I came up with the concept about two weeks before the site launched so it was a bit of a quick process from thinking about creating it to actually manifesting it. Something was nagging at me to create a site since midlife musings was the direction in which my writing was traveling.”

As Valerie explains in her About page, “Inside Midlife-A-Go-Go, you’ll find nuggets of truths about midlife, profiles on women who are defying Mother Nature’s wicked clock and doing wonderful things in midlife, and other bits and pieces that make this time in our lives one of the most vibrant ever.”

Realizing that midlife was more an adventure to be explored rather than a fate to be feared, Valerie not only accepted her new status, but also decided to embrace it. Valerie created Midlife-A-Go-Go because she “wanted to create a site that had an element of fun, and highlight some of the many women of midlife (which she does in her series, This is What Midlife Looks Like).” She wanted to know if other women were experiencing, “the same stirrings as I was. You know, wanting to travel more, take on new and exciting projects.”

When asked who most likely would read Midlife-A-Go-Go, Valerie responded, “Women of midlife are the likely suspects, although in the coming months there will be content geared towards midlife men as well. I’m hoping my testosterone readership goes up (no pun intended) – men are mid-lifers, too!”

Valerie hopes that, “over time readers will come back to Midlife-A-Go-Go time and time again to read about fascinating mid-lifers, enjoy some of the tongue-in-cheek articles, find motivation to stay fit in aging and, most of all, see a little bit of themselves in the words.”

We tend to gravitate toward those blog posts that affect us personally in some way. Valerie hopes her blog inspires mid-lifers to join her in her journey through midlife. “It’s my stubborn contention that people find it fascinating to read about others who are in similar circumstances as they are – they want to see how that other person is living their life, what choices they’re making, etc. For me, that’s what makes This is What Midlife Looks Like so wonderful. I get to bring someone’s story to life and take a voyeuristic peek into who they are.”

“Of course,” Valerie continues, “there’s more to Midlife-A-Go-Go than that feature. All things come in time, and over time I hope to grow the site so that readers will frequent it and actually look forward to new content.”

To join in the fun, click on any of the Midlife-A-Go-Go links.

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