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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Divorce Help and a Writing Mentor All in One Person

Donald Pennington is a, shall we say, unique individual. Just to give you an example of how unique, I display for your eyes, comments he made to the questions I asked him when I wanted to know a little bit about why he created his divorce blog. Here they are:

blah blah something something...

blah blah blah something something else...

He does have a great sense of humor, and he actually did respond with some useful comments, so for your blogging pleasure, I introduce to to Donald Pennington and his divorce blog.

About a year ago he came up with the idea of creating a divorce blog but didn't actually implement the blog until about five months ago. He wanted to help others who were going through a divorce because he wanted to make money.

OK, that's only part of the reason he wanted to write his divorce blog. He also wanted to help others who were going through the same thing he went through. And he wanted to offer a place where people could vent their frustrations and find healing.

The only annoying thing about Donald's blog is the popup ad that appears when you first visit the site. However, if you are interested in the ad, definitely click on the link. Otherwise, go to the upper right hand corner and click, "Skip this ad."

You'll have to get on him to update his blog. He is admittedly lazy. "I'm a greedy little throw away Dad who wants a lazy man's income from helping others going through a divorce."

He encourages other divorced writers to contribute content, so if you are a writer, or if you just want to vent, you can pitch your stories to him.

Donald's plans for the future? Opening a discussion forum, though how far into the future his plans will materialize is questionable. Remember, he is lazy.

Topics he covers, besides divorce support, is child support and single moms.

But Donald Pennington is not just about divorce. In addition to helping those hit with divorce, he also mentors writers at his web site, aptly entitled Welcome to DonPennington.info!

So click on his web site and his blog to meet the man who will help you through your divorce or with your writing.

Donald also writes articles for Associated Content. Find his articles HERE.