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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BubbleWS Blows Up the Information Highway as a Legitimate Writing Site That PAYS!

More and more writers and wannabe writers alike are learning that they can earn money on BubbleWS

In February I signed up for this fairly new web site. I had been writing blogs and contributing to other writing sites since 2008 but NEVER in all the time I've been writing online – for pay – have I made as much money as I have writing for BubbleWS and in such a short period of time! Don't get too excited. Unless I wrote a hundred articles a day, I would not be able to make a living on BubbleWS. But I could afford all the extras I haven't been able to buy (presents for the grandkids).

What is BubbleWS?

BubbleWS is a writing site that shares its revenue 50/50 with its contributors. It's a writing site for EVERYBODY. Seriously, anybody can sign up for BubbleWS. You don't need a journalism degree and you don't even have to know how to spell correctly.

Yes you read me correctly. ANYBODY can write for BubbleWS. And so many people are already taking advantage of the site that PAYS its contributors, SHARES it's revenue, and ENCOURAGES social networking, that if you jump onboard now you can make money in as little as 10 minutes. Not a lot, mind you, but watching your Bank grow is one of the most exciting parts about BubbleWS.

That's the good news – AND the bad news – ANYBODY can write for BubbleWS, which means that if you are the type of person who is a stickler for writing perfect content, you might be annoyed by the abundance of grammar, style, and punctuation errors shown by many of the writers there. Careless? Possibly. But a lot of writers are testing their talent and sharing their viewpoints. Some of them are deeply passionate about their writing.

Are you a perfectionist? Relax. Everybody gets a chance to write on this site. If you don't care that much about perfectionism, BubbleWS is the site for you. And to be honest, it's kind of nice to be able to write for a site that doesn't demand perfectionism. You can write what you want when you want and not have to worry about turning in a perfect post.

And it's kind of addicting. Once you start writing for BubbleWS and hook up with some of the other writers on the site, you start to appreciate the work that Arvind (creator of BubbleWS) put into building it.

More Good News

BubbleWS REALLY PAYS its writers! And they pay within a reasonable period of time. I don't write often but I've already received $50 and I could cash out again, because I've reached the BubbleWS-required minimum payout of $25. I prefer to wait until my payout reaches $50.

If you are new to writing and want to try your hand at a writing site that won't judge you for your writing style, that pays you to write, and that includes numerous other writers who offer encouragement and support, click any of the links in this blog – BubbleWS is FUN with a capital F!


Payout level is now $50! 

And if you would like to read more from this author, please see the sidebar or click HERE.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Foreign Bloggers Could Benefit From This Link!

For nearly 4 years, I have been getting requests from other bloggers to read, comment, and "like" their blogs. I try to accommodate those bloggers. Sometimes, however, the request is not only difficult to grant, but also downright impossible to provide.

Why? Because I can't understand anything written in the blog. Whatever translation program they use falls far short of relaying the message they are trying to convey. Sentences are so jumbled I feel as if I am trying to solve a puzzle with 1,000 pieces from 1,000 different puzzles.

What foreign-speaking bloggers need, in addition to perhaps some English classes, is an interpreter, or, at the very least, a good translation program.

I'll be honest, if you're looking for an English-speaking audience and your English is written in a nearly impossible to understand mess, most of us won't bother reading your blog. And isn't that the point of writing a blog – to have it read?

Well, what if I told you about IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services? India's leading interpretation company since 1989, IAFL responds to 95% of all emails received within 1 hour! So if you speak Arabic, Farsi, or even English, IAFL will provide you with a free quote in a more than reasonable amount of time.

Don't rely on just any translator program that changes your language into a jumbled mess. Use the translator several Fortune 500 corporations already use – IAFL's services. IAFL provides high quality translation for numerous languages. Click on any of the the links in this blog for more information about the services IAFL offers to you or to your company.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Celebrate Achievements with Awards

Whether you are a corporation that wants to recognize employee achievements, a teacher who wants to recognize student performance, or a parent who wants to honor a child's accomplishments, consider awarding Able Recognition.

You don't have to be to a corporation or an employer to give an award. Imagine setting up an award system for your children or even your blog readers. After assigning a number of tasks, and after those tasks are completed, reward your child, blog reader, or even your mom and dad on Mother's Day and Father's Day with exquisite Crystal Awards, specially designed by you. Those uniquely crafted custom designed Crystal Trophies will be treasured by everyone who receives them.

Able Recognition, "the leading recognition source of crystal and glass awards, crystal corporate recognition trophies, recognition and donor plaques, retirement and service trophies, engraved paperweights, desktop gifts, crystal bowls and vases, golf trophies, patriotic trophies, clocks, custom award projects," furnishes numerous companies whose names you might recognize: Bank of America, the 4H Club, National Geographic, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Southwest.com, NASA, Boeing, and even McDonalds (among others). 

Able Recognition offers free digital artwork proofs and exquisite custom copyright awards. You can order securely online from an award-winning customer service representative, and you can expect your product in a timely fashion. Choose from 7500 products or design your own. 

What's more, Able Recognition offers free etching and engraving.

For your next personalized gift or promotional product, consider Able Recognition. In business for over thirty-five years, Able Recognition offers unmatched beauty, elegance, and recognition as "North America's Premier Supplier of Fine Crystal, Marble, and Glass Awards."

Who deserves an award in your life?

All quotes are taken from the Able Recognition web site. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Touched by a Blogger – Granny Gee

On the first day of January, 2013, I received a message from Bloggers telling me I had a new follower for one of my other blogs. Her name was Granny Gee. Her small blurb on Bloggers, part of which appears below, had me nearly crying and I decided to check out her blog.

"… the caller ID showed Tommy was calling! I answered it, my mind became confused as I realized it wasn't Tommy, but.. a strange man's voice saying, 'I have a man lying here on the beach, he's not breathing!'" 

Tommy was Granny Gee's son.

Despite her grief and despite her sorrow, Granny Gee manages to bring joy into her blog, Happy Colors and Granny Gee. The sincerity, the warmth, and the STORIES – my goodness, the stories this woman has to relate – are so fascinating, I had to force myself to stop reading them so I could get on with the rest of my day. 

Here's just a glimpse into one of her blogs:

"There was a woman driver who drove solo, she delivered at the place we would go to.  We would get a laugh (not in an ugly way!) because she would reach her destination, which was where we were, too.

She would go into her sleeper... change into a dress, and high heels!  It would be funny because... we knew what to expect next.  We'd watch for the door to open... and I would watch for her foot to show beneath the door.... with a high heel shoe on!

I would be thinking 'oh, my God!  I don't believe this woman is stepping out onto the steps to come out of a tractor-trailer.  She had to do it very easy so, as not to get her heels stuck in the little holes in the steps!

I would watch, feeling as if I was going to burst out laughing... I didn't want her to see me do that!  I don't make it a habit to make fun of people... who am I to do that!?  But, I have to tell you something!  Don't think bad of me... it's the truth, and I'm just saying…."

You'll have to read the rest of her blog to find out what Granny Gee says next. Click From High Heels To ... Driving A Tractor-Trailer for one of the most honest and revealing blogs I've ever read.  

Check out her artwork, too, in the lower right portion of her blog.

Granny Gee, you have a new follower – me. Thank you for sharing your grief with the rest of the world.

If you have a blog or web site you'd like me to showcase, please contact me at writingcreatively@cheerful.com