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Friday, December 11, 2009

Do You Care About The Way You Look?




About The Way You Look?

Enough to post questions about your looks online and get some honest feedback?

How many times have you stood in front of your mirror and said, "Hmm, something is not quite right."

"Maybe I should do something with my hair."

"I wonder how I would look blonde."

"Would that red dress look good on me?"

"Should I change the shape of my glasses?"

Those types of questions prompted the developer of MyLooksOnline to open a web site in search of the TRUTH. Why? Because you don't always know what types of responses you'll get when you ask friends or family members, "How do I look?"

Can you trust their loving replies?

Maybe everybody is just trying to be nice, or maybe they don't want to hurt your feelings, but family members and friends don't always tell the "whole" truth.

So how do you know if that hairstyle makes your nose look too big? Who will tell you honestly if you look too fat in that white pant suit?

For an absolutely honest opinion from people who are just trying to help, try mylooksonline.com.

You send in your photo and wait for people to respond. Every time somebody offers a comment, you get a response in your email.

The nice thing about MyLooksOnline is that uploading your photo is FREE, and the responses you get are FREE. You do have an option of ordering a detailed summary that breaks down the replies into age and gender (costs only $2.99), but, other than that, the questions and responses are completely free.

Categories where you can submit your photo and question include: General Looks; Hairstyles; Makeup; Body Shape & Weight; Fashion, Clothes & Accessories; Skin & Complexion; Facial Features; and Piercings & Tattoos.

Don't be afraid to post your photo. The sight is geared toward honesty and does not accept obscene or rude responses. What you will get is a quality reply to your question. Be prepared though, because sometimes the opinions may be brutally honest. You wanted the truth though, right?

You can read more about what initiated the website owner's desire to help others by reading her blog HERE.

In the meantime, take a photo of yourself, upload it to MyLooksOnline and get some honest feedback about your looks. Or, offer your own opinions to people who are waiting to hear your honest response.

As an aside, after I lost all of my hair due to chemo from breast cancer, I posted a photo of myself without hair at MyLooksOnline asking for opinions about what I should do now that I'm bald. You can read the opinions I received HERE. I would appreciate more comments if you care to make them.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Money and The Australian Dollar

The Business Spectator is an online news magazine that covers everything related to the Australian Dollar – journalism at its finest. It reveals stock market results for the Australian Dollar and consistently updates the value of Aussie Dollar.

Along with listing the latest market values, it discusses a wide range of industries from advertising and marketing to transport and logistics.

With a slew of information concerning the Aussie Dollar, including blogs and commentary, The Australian Dollar web site covers everything from the global economy to the currency trade. It even offers videos on mergers, acquisitions, capital markets, and more.

For intelligent conversation about the state of the economy, and updated results on the Aussie Dollar, check out The Business Spectator on The Australian Dollar web site.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Living With Cancer Blog

Mayo Clinic is a source I consult often – for a variety of reasons. They are comprehensive and informative and, let's face it, reliable. If you have any problem whatsoever, you can check out their diseases and conditions list, their symptoms list, their drugs and supplements list, and so much more.

As you might imagine, with the onset of my own breast cancer diagnosis, I have researched as much as I can read about the subject. When I looked online to find blogs about my particular form of breast cancer, I discovered a blog about all forms of cancer. And it was where I expected it to be – Mayo Clinic.

As Nicole Engler, Mayo Clinic's cancer education specialist writes, the American Cancer Society "estimates there are more than 10 million cancer survivors in the United States alone." That number gives me hope – lots of it. I have no doubt I will beat this invader. My tumor has already shrunk to the point where the doctor couldn't even feel it today (I'm writing this during a chemo treatment) – and it had been an obvious protrusion at 4cm wide!

The Living with cancer blog is dedicated to cancer survivors, their caregivers, and their love ones. I assume it is also written for people like me who are going through the cancer process.

This newly created Living with cancer blog, was begun on October 13, 2009. How appropriate. It began during Breast Cancer Awareness Month just after my first chemo treatment.

I wanted to share it with others whose friends and family members were or are suffering from a cancer diagnosis. Join in the discussion. As of this writing, Nicole has over 120 comments.

The American Cancer Society, by the way, offers numerous blogs as well.

Friday, October 16, 2009


You've seen those web sites that offer FREE this and FREE that, but when you click on them you discover that you have to pay for SOMETHING. And sometimes, with free trials, you discover (too late) that you have agreed (unwittingly) to pay for monthly fees that can end up costing you THOUSANDS of dollars. (For more on fraud and scams click HERE.)

Well THIS site actually charges you NOTHING. It doesn't ask you for you debit card number, for your paypal account, or even for your address or phone number.

It asks you only to read. Yes, read. Read articles and blogs, comment on the articles and blogs, send your information to an email address posted at the end of the page, and get in return over 20 pages of information about YOU.

I didn't just FIND this web site – I created it. Did I have an ulterior purpose? Yes. I want you to read my blogs and articles – not all of them, mind you, just some of them. The more you read, the more you get.

Wouldn't you like a sneak peak at the personality your baby is likely to develop? Have you wondered about how your new partner will relate to you? Through horoscopes, personality profiles, relationship profiles, and more, you can discover things about yourself you might not already know. They make great birthday gifts, too.

If you believe that energy affects the people around you, you might consider that the energy from planets affects you as well.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't tried it, what do you have to lose? You might even enjoy some of the articles and blogs you read. And hey! You can use this blog and the link above as two of your reads!

To access the Astrology and Horoscope web site, click HERE.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just In Time For Halloween!

Paranormal Minds is a newly created blog about everything paranormal. Usually in yourblogconnection, I interview the blog writer, but because I am the blog writer, I will tell you that I created this blog after I signed up with Xomba as their Paranormal Feature Writer. When I didn't hear from them for several days, I decided to write the blog anyway. And then, guess what! I got the job. I am one of only two paranormal feature writers for xomba.com.

You can find me in the paranormal section of the site HERE. I am BlogWriter.

Paranormal articles and blogs will include all things paranormal, from supernatural experiences to ghostly apparitions, from ghost hunting to UFOs, from astrology to life after death, and will even discuss such unusual subjects as lives between lives. I will introduce the reader to other paranormal blogs and web sites and I will discuss some of the current ghost hunting programs.

One of the most recent articles is very timely and if you are interested in holding one of the most unusual Halloween parties ever, read 13 Halloween Must-Haves For Ghost Hunters.

You can find the Paranormal Minds blog HERE.

So if you are one of many Paranormal Minds and if you're interested in ghosts, astrology, ESP, or any of a number of supernatural topics, read the blogs and the articles. Paranormal blogs will directly link to the articles so look forward to an out-of-this-world blog filled with discussions of everything listed above as well as mediums, psychic phenomena, remote viewing, metaphysical subjects, and even spiritual events.

According to merriam-webster.com, paranormal is anything "not scientifically explainable: supernatural." As you can see, the blogs and articles will cover a wide range of supernatural and paranormal unexplained phenomena.

Disclaimer: This blog was self-serving. If you have a blog or web site you want showcased, please contact me by commenting below.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freelance Home Writer Shows You How to Get Paid for Your Writing

If you are a beginning writer, lost in a "web" of confusion as you search online for resources that offer upfront payment, or if you are an experienced writer competing with other professional writers and you want an edge, look no further.

As a writer, you have probably researched "writing sites" to the point of exhaustion – or annoyance – and quickly learned that many of them are not legitimate. Willow Sidhe, the Freelance Home Writer, gives you a break from your researching efforts. Freelance Home Writer was begun in December 2008 by this amazingly helpful freelance writer who spent so much time researching sites that paid upfront for articles, that she was literally swamped with useless information.

So Willow complied all of her data and started a blog to help other writers move quickly along the path from being unpaid writers to getting paid up front for their writing. While Willow hopes to reach beginning web writers, along with experienced web writers, she also hopes to help the work at home mom (or dad), many of whom are already supporting her efforts.

Writers want to make money from their writing and Freelance Home Writer is a great resource in helping the freelancer. According to Willow, "The Freelance Home Writer is a resource for web writers which features reviews of sites that pay upfront for articles, residual income sites and information (including how much money I make on each site), tips and advice for web writers, and resources. However, I try to focus on reviewing paying sites, since this is the information people seem to want the most."

This married 26 year-old "naturalist" who works with herbs, plants, and natural medicines (which she learned how to make from her mother), and who makes her own household cleaners, cosmetics and other household products – including toothpaste – lives with her husband and their children – two beautiful Jack Russell Terriers in Hot Springs, AK.

If you have any interest in making money from your writing and if you want unbiased reviews of some of the top writing sites on the web (including eHow, Demand Studios, and more), along with a plethora of information concerning writing and making money from writing (including information about residual income, for instance), visit Willow at Freelance Home Writer. Clicking on any of the links will take you directly to this information-packed web site.

As an aside, reading the information on Willow's Freelance Home Writer site is like taking a class and not having to pay for it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Whole Hearted Parenting

When Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed, discovered that her formerly cooperative 18-month old found power in expressing the word NO, her immediate reaction was to force her child into obedience.

But forced parenting was not an option for Maggie or her husband. They wanted to raise their child in a way that fostered and encouraged cooperation. So Maggie and her husband enrolled in the Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) course.

The RCB course helped them become “a much more peaceful family,” and because Maggie’s experience with RCB was so rewarding, Maggie decided to share the relationship skills she learned with other parents.

One of Maggie’s favorite quotes from the RCB course is, “All the love we come to know in life begins with the love we knew as children...” Maggie adds, “What we know about cooperation, assertiveness, and negotiation, we learn as children.” So it is important to create a tranquil and nurturing environment not only for your child but also for yourself.

As a Director with the International Network for Children and Families, Maggie trains Redirecting Children’s Behavior™ instructors and leads a team of certified parent educators.  She is also a certified instructor of the Loving Yourself and Others course.

Since 2000, Maggie has taught parents how to create peaceful, cooperative homes using the methods she learned. Through Whole Hearted Parenting, Maggie teaches RCB, presents more than 30 workshops on hot-button issues for parents, and provides classroom management training for teachers in both public and independent schools.  As a Certified Coach, Maggie also offers individual coaching sessions for parents.

You might expect Maggie, a parenting expert on ParentalWisdom.com and NewBaby.com, to be the perfect parent. In all her years of teaching parenting skills, though, one stubborn goat defied redirection techniques – Gabriel, an actual goat, “is now living his dream as a stud on a goat farm in Ocala, an example of logical consequences and the Law of Attraction in action!”

Maggie lives in south Florida with her husband and daughter. She offers far more services than I am able to write about in a blog. Please check out her WEB SITE and her BLOG for information on workshops, e-books, e-zines, teleseminars and more.

(Maggie is the recipient of the 2008 American Business Women’s Association Spirit of Excellence Parent Educator of the Year Award.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Laugh At Cancer

http://laughatcancer.com/ is a website founded by Crystal Kauffman, who, after surviving cancer, losing loved ones with the disease, and struggling with ongoing pain, decided to build an online support group for “families in need of support and friendship.” 

In addition to providing support for adults dealing with cancer, she also provides help for young people so they can have peer group support and for pet owners mourning the loss of their pets.
Chrystal has instituted an “Honor Wall of Grace” that provides warmth and comfort for loved ones who have lost treasured friends and family member to cancer.

As she writes: “I was so grateful to be a cancer survivor at age 28, but I still had many painful side effects daily. The radiation damage caused my life to change in many ways, due to my inability to walk well. One night, after losing my chemo buddy to cancer, I gained a strong passion to help other cancer patients with their fight and living beyond their diagnosis.”

She shares with stark honesty her struggle to battle this disease: “Honestly, I felt humiliated to be 27 and wearing adult diapers, due to my bladder damage from the aggressive treatment I received. I began using a walker or wheelchair, in order to stay mobile. This decline in my health brought on feelings of depression and worthlessness. After discussing these feelings, my primary care doctor started me on an anti-depressant and referred me to pain management.”

With her grandfather’s support and help, she started the Laugh at Cancer Support Group in Jacksonville, Florida, visiting cancer patients, calling them on the phone, and “meeting” with them on the Internet. “Our mission is to help all families facing cancer's touch and restore hope in families that have been devastated by this disease.”

Why the name, “Laugh At Cancer”? As a cancer victim, Crystal wanted to focus her attention on the celebration of life and abide by her grandfather’s teaching: to laugh when times get rough and never give up on yourself.

Currently in remission, Crystal lives by a simple motto, created with her grandfather, who died of lung cancer June 7, 2007: “Laugh everyday…Drive the cancer blues away!

You can reach Crystal at info@laughatcancer.com Visit her web site here: http://laughatcancer.com

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

Imagine a psychotic Martha Stewart-type of housewife, addicted to shopping and saving money, who lives her life according to the edicts of Murphy's Law. Sounds like a TV sitcom. Close. It's a blog.

A virtual STORM of information, Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife gives its readers more than just opinions. From recipes to reviews to giveaways to rants and more, the blogger of Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife shares deals with her readers and provides links to printable coupons. 

And that's not all – she helps her business mom readers by featuring them and those who sell on Etsy.

With humorous jabs about her husband, who is exceedingly happy that she blogs about everything rather than talk to him about whatever is on her mind, this "Psychotic Housewife" is a joy to read.

If you want to save money and listen to the rants and raves of Storm, read Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm not avoiding this blog – just waiting for more information from other bloggers to showcase their blogs. If you happen across this blog and you want to be showcased, let me know. In the meantime, look for postings soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Noodling or Noodle-ing

As promised, here is a little blurb about one of the linked blogs to your left.

The writer of this blog is a mommy with two beautiful and talented little girls. She writes about them frequently and even posts photos of them from time to time. She has adorable nick names for them (you'll have to read the blog to find out what they are), and writes about her children, music, love, music, babies, laughter, music, her children, music.

Did I mention music? She attends concerts and writes about them. She listens to music and writes about it. She gives presents of music to her friends. AND soon she will be writing about one of the biggest music events EVER. Stay tuned and get Noodling.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Your Blog Connection

This is a test. This is merely a test.

Not really. It's more than a test. It's an invitation.

The purpose of this blog is to connect with as many blogs as possible WITHOUT advertising its presence (at least at first). I want to find out how many people might randomly attach themselves to this blog. The scope of this blog is about as far reaching as your imagination will take you. 

Connect to this blog and this blog will connect to you. The goal is to support each other in our blogging endeavors.

Oh, one more thing, if you connect to (or follow) this blog, mention of YOUR blog will appear in a blog post at this site pointing people toward your blog.

So follow me and I will follow you.

Your Blog Connection.