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Monday, May 6, 2013

Foreign Bloggers Could Benefit From This Link!

For nearly 4 years, I have been getting requests from other bloggers to read, comment, and "like" their blogs. I try to accommodate those bloggers. Sometimes, however, the request is not only difficult to grant, but also downright impossible to provide.

Why? Because I can't understand anything written in the blog. Whatever translation program they use falls far short of relaying the message they are trying to convey. Sentences are so jumbled I feel as if I am trying to solve a puzzle with 1,000 pieces from 1,000 different puzzles.

What foreign-speaking bloggers need, in addition to perhaps some English classes, is an interpreter, or, at the very least, a good translation program.

I'll be honest, if you're looking for an English-speaking audience and your English is written in a nearly impossible to understand mess, most of us won't bother reading your blog. And isn't that the point of writing a blog – to have it read?

Well, what if I told you about IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services? India's leading interpretation company since 1989, IAFL responds to 95% of all emails received within 1 hour! So if you speak Arabic, Farsi, or even English, IAFL will provide you with a free quote in a more than reasonable amount of time.

Don't rely on just any translator program that changes your language into a jumbled mess. Use the translator several Fortune 500 corporations already use – IAFL's services. IAFL provides high quality translation for numerous languages. Click on any of the the links in this blog for more information about the services IAFL offers to you or to your company.