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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freelance Home Writer Shows You How to Get Paid for Your Writing

If you are a beginning writer, lost in a "web" of confusion as you search online for resources that offer upfront payment, or if you are an experienced writer competing with other professional writers and you want an edge, look no further.

As a writer, you have probably researched "writing sites" to the point of exhaustion – or annoyance – and quickly learned that many of them are not legitimate. Willow Sidhe, the Freelance Home Writer, gives you a break from your researching efforts. Freelance Home Writer was begun in December 2008 by this amazingly helpful freelance writer who spent so much time researching sites that paid upfront for articles, that she was literally swamped with useless information.

So Willow complied all of her data and started a blog to help other writers move quickly along the path from being unpaid writers to getting paid up front for their writing. While Willow hopes to reach beginning web writers, along with experienced web writers, she also hopes to help the work at home mom (or dad), many of whom are already supporting her efforts.

Writers want to make money from their writing and Freelance Home Writer is a great resource in helping the freelancer. According to Willow, "The Freelance Home Writer is a resource for web writers which features reviews of sites that pay upfront for articles, residual income sites and information (including how much money I make on each site), tips and advice for web writers, and resources. However, I try to focus on reviewing paying sites, since this is the information people seem to want the most."

This married 26 year-old "naturalist" who works with herbs, plants, and natural medicines (which she learned how to make from her mother), and who makes her own household cleaners, cosmetics and other household products – including toothpaste – lives with her husband and their children – two beautiful Jack Russell Terriers in Hot Springs, AK.

If you have any interest in making money from your writing and if you want unbiased reviews of some of the top writing sites on the web (including eHow, Demand Studios, and more), along with a plethora of information concerning writing and making money from writing (including information about residual income, for instance), visit Willow at Freelance Home Writer. Clicking on any of the links will take you directly to this information-packed web site.

As an aside, reading the information on Willow's Freelance Home Writer site is like taking a class and not having to pay for it!