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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just In Time For Halloween!

Paranormal Minds is a newly created blog about everything paranormal. Usually in yourblogconnection, I interview the blog writer, but because I am the blog writer, I will tell you that I created this blog after I signed up with Xomba as their Paranormal Feature Writer. When I didn't hear from them for several days, I decided to write the blog anyway. And then, guess what! I got the job. I am one of only two paranormal feature writers for xomba.com.

You can find me in the paranormal section of the site HERE. I am BlogWriter.

Paranormal articles and blogs will include all things paranormal, from supernatural experiences to ghostly apparitions, from ghost hunting to UFOs, from astrology to life after death, and will even discuss such unusual subjects as lives between lives. I will introduce the reader to other paranormal blogs and web sites and I will discuss some of the current ghost hunting programs.

One of the most recent articles is very timely and if you are interested in holding one of the most unusual Halloween parties ever, read 13 Halloween Must-Haves For Ghost Hunters.

You can find the Paranormal Minds blog HERE.

So if you are one of many Paranormal Minds and if you're interested in ghosts, astrology, ESP, or any of a number of supernatural topics, read the blogs and the articles. Paranormal blogs will directly link to the articles so look forward to an out-of-this-world blog filled with discussions of everything listed above as well as mediums, psychic phenomena, remote viewing, metaphysical subjects, and even spiritual events.

According to merriam-webster.com, paranormal is anything "not scientifically explainable: supernatural." As you can see, the blogs and articles will cover a wide range of supernatural and paranormal unexplained phenomena.

Disclaimer: This blog was self-serving. If you have a blog or web site you want showcased, please contact me by commenting below.