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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Online FNP: Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees

Online FNP:  Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees, run by Brooke Stafford, began when Brooke realized that students needed help in finding the right NP degree.

Students interested in becoming nurse practitioners benefit from information provided by Online FNP, because they learn about the various degrees available to them. Online FNP's library is packed with some exciting links as well. Here are a few of them:

Careers for FNPs and Nurse Practitioners – Explore Your Options;

State Nursing Boards and Licensure Requirements – What You Need To Know;

Full Guide to Universities in the US with FNP Degree Programs:
The Ultimate Guide to the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Career – Average Salary, Education;

and many more.

Online FNP profiles various colleges, interviews family nurse practitioners, and keeps its readers up to date with their Online FNP Blog. Want to know about which celebrities had various parts of their bodies insured? Read Online FNP's blog.

If you, a family member, or any of your friends are interested in acquiring a family nurse practitioner degree, I advise you to seek the services of Online FNP:  Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees. It will save you so much time.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steam Cleaning With The Steam Team

When I was eleven years old, on one of the coldest days in Chicago's recoded history (at that time), fire ripped through my family home and made it unlivable. The fire caused a hole in the floor that opened to the basement. Smoke damage ruined every fiber in the home– from the carpeting on the floor to the furniture on the carpet, to the clothing hanging in all of the closets.

Fortunately my parents were the ones who handled matters relating to house fires, but I would later learn about insurance matters when the ceiling leaked all over my kitchen floor this past year. I had no clue though about where to go when it came to contractors.

For those of my readers who live in the Austin area, however, one company handles just about every type of home repair needed. Whether you've had fire damage, flood damage, or smoke damage, The Steam Team will repair your home and return it to its natural beauty.

The Steam Team, located in Austin, Texas, power washes your home, provides round rock carpet cleaning, and removes mold odor. They also clean suede leather, microfiber upholstery, and silk rugs.

In other words The Steam Team does it all. So if you live in the Austin area and you want to remove smoke odor, get your air ducts cleaned out, or have your carpets professionally cleaned, click the following link.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give Blue Sky Scrubs as a Gift!

Blue Sky Scrubs offers some of the nicest looking hospital scrub uniforms I've ever seen. Having been in the hospital numerous times over the years, I've noticed a change in scrubs. What once used to be rather bland-looking uniforms now look almost fashionable.

Even their scrub hats are cute. But Blue Sky Scrubs offers more than just plain scrub hats and scrub uniforms. They offer Urban nursing scrubs, Grey Label scrubs, holiday scrub hats, Christmas prints, and animal prints that include Zebra, Giraffe, and Leopard.

Blue Sky Scrubs is not limited to nursing scrubs, lab coats, and scrub hats, though their selection is quite extensive – they also offer baby scrubs and kid scrubs (cute gifts for the child who likes to play "doctor").

What is your favorite color? Blue, black, brown, grey, pink, purple, red? Blue Sky has a scrub for you! And the scrubs come in sizes that range from extra extra small to plus size.

Those scrubs can even be trendy (see photo).

If you are looking for unique nursing scrubs or for a gift for that special nurse in your life, make sure to link to Blue Sky Scrubs for the greatest selection of nursing items.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Creative Crystal

What I am about to refer to you is not a blog, nor is it a website – it is a profile page for one of the most creative and prolific web writers I've ever encountered. Her name is Crystal Ray, and she can advise you on everything from how to prank your boyfriend to how to make your own bean bag.

Here are just a few of her more than 3500 article ideas:

For more information about this amazing writer, read Associated Content's Crystal Ray of Hope for Aspiring (and Seasoned) Writers.

And if you need some creative ideas, before you Google whatever it is you need to  create, visit Crystal Ray's profile page (click the link)!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Business Cards for Your Business!

If you haven't already taken advantage of VistaPrint offerings, you should check out their website for some great deals on business cards and postcards. Many times throughout the year VistaPrint is known to also offer many items free. And if you sign up for their emails, you can take advantage of their numerous offers.

Because they are a GREEN company, dedicated to improving our environment by providing recycled paper, you can help the environment just by choosing them for your business products. VistaPrint offers a large number of templates you can use, or you can upload your own design.

Every time I check them out, they offer something new. Today, for instance, VistaPrint is providing a BONUS OFFER of "30% OFF All Products." At one time I was able to get a free car magnet with my writingcreatively.org logo printed on it!

Click VistaPrint today to find their latest offer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Humor Outcasts

Are you a humor outcast? Have you been dumped into the humor wastelands? Have your humor articles been removed from article sites because you live in the wrong country or because the "powers that be" didn't like your sense of humor? Are you crying right now because I'm depressing you? (Sorry.)

More likely you are crying because you can't express yourself.

Well wipe those tears and send all those non-appreciative web sites to your own personal graveyard, because now you have a site where you can tickle readers' funny bones with YOUR funny articles until they scream out in hilarity – Humor Outcasts.

Humor Outcasts was officially launched by Donna Cavanagh in April of 2011 to give humor writers, including those who were cast out of other writing sites, a place to "spread their wings."

Upset over having hers and her humor-writing friends' posts deleted over and over again, Donna decided to give comedy writers a place to showcase their talents without having to worry about being thrown out of the comedy writing genre.

Yes we all have a different sense of humor, and I'm the first one to admit that what is funny to one person doesn't necessarily amuse me, but the diversity of writers on Humor Outcasts guarantees that you will find something comical, zany, or wacky enough to appeal to you.

That's what's so great about Humor OutcastsHumor Outcasts appeals to people with all kinds of humor – witty, "punny," farcical, slapstick, quirky, shady, droll, or risque. Donna says, "There are so many writers with different styles and views present on the site…readers will be diverse as well."

According to Donna, "We all know the importance of humor. It is physically and emotionally beneficial to all of us though many of us do not take time to keep it in our lives." You are so right, Donna. We all need laughter.

But humor is not "funny business." Donna wants people to know that humor is serious business. The editors at Humor Outcasts will either accept or reject your submission based on your skills as a writer – not on your sense of humor.

"(Comedy) is an important genre in the writing world and sometimes it does not get the respect it deserves." Unlike Rodney Dangerfield, who always claimed to get no respect, the writers who are accepted by Humor Outcasts, will find the respect they deserve.

Currently, Humor Outcasts is a no-pay site, though they hope to be paying their writers within a year. But if you're looking for exposure and you have a skill with writing humor, know that Humor Outcasts is looking for exceptional humor writers, not people who just want to post a funny experience and who have no writing talent.

What Humor Outcasts will provide you with is the exposure you want and need to build a successful career in the comedy field. Be patient. Humor Outcasts will eventually reward its writers with paychecks that will keep their dreams alive.

Whether you're a comedic writer with outstanding writing skills, or a reader who enjoys reading amusing anecdotes and all things funny, you owe it to yourself  to read Humor Outcasts' "ever-growing number of funny writers and check out their bios…" Humor Outcasts also promotes their writers' books and other works.

Donna guarantees that you will "walk away with at at least a smile and that might make (your) day a little better."

Want your blog showcased? Send your request to weirddreams@mail.com. Put YBC in the subject line. Like Humor Outcasts, I look for blogs written by talented writers who write well.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Blog Connection Promotes YOUR Blog

Want your blog showcased? Read on.

Types of blogs promoted on Your Blog Connection:

Though in the past, YBC has promoted blogs just because we were asked, YBC prefers to promote blogs that are well written and that have a purpose. We accept absolutely NO pornographic material or blogs that are emotionally harmful to others.

How you will benefit by posting your blog on Your Blog Connection:

Your Blog Connection will showcase your blog by posting a blog devoted solely to your blog and by posting a screen shot of your blog.

Your Blog Connection will promote your blog through Facebook.

Your Blog Connection will promote your blog through Twitter.

Your Blog Connection will permanently link your blog (if it is accepted – see sidebar for examples of previous blogs that were posted).

How to get your blog promoted:

Contact weirddreams@mail.com with a request for your blog to be promoted on YBC.

Your Blog Connection will then send you a questionnaire.

Fill out the questionnaire by answering all of the questions and mail it back to weirddreams@mail.com.

Though we access the information you provide in the questionnaire, the blog itself will be written in a different format, because we want each blog to be unique. We will also take a screen shot of your blog and include it in the blog post. When the blog is posted, we will contact you with the URL.


Send your request to weirddreams@mail.com. Put YBC in the subject line.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Independent Learners, Check out CoursePark to Achieve Your Career Goals

Many of us want to further our education, but can't for a variety of reasons. Maybe we are without transportation. Maybe we have small children running around. Or maybe we just can't afford the gas to get us to and from school.

For so many reasons, learning online has become popular. People without transportation don't have to stand out in the cold or the rain for the next late bus. Stay-at-home parents can learn while still caring for their children. Those with jobs can return to the comfort of their homes, turn on their computers, and achieve their career goals while sitting in their pajamas.

If you are one of those people and you want to achieve your career goals and build your skills online, look no further than CoursePark Learning Networks. Their online learning system promotes career development and helps you advance in the business world with a course library that exceeds 3500 online courses from the world's leading course providers. 

CoursePark offers a user-friendly environment along with cutting-edge social Learning Networks. CoursePark also personalizes your learning profile to further build on your skills, and their secure virtual classrooms allow companies to invite learners, upload or share courses, start discussions, generate reports, and track results.

In only minutes, businesses can create customized Learning Networks where their personalized learning profiles allow students to build, save, and share their learning history with numerous social media networks. Training employees has never been easier.

Sign up now for your free account at CoursePark (click the link). And try their CourseMarket (click the link) for a large variety of free and paid courses.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Calling All Screenwriters!

Today I would like to connect you to a great screenwriting site – wordplay. Though I discussed this site in my blog (along with other really great and helpful information for the screenwriter), Ever Considered Screenwriting? This Blog is a Must Read! I wanted to bring attention to a phenomenal screenwriting web site in this blog.

Anybody who has ever thought about writing in the screenwriting or teleplay format will be doing themselves a great favor by visiting the wordplay web site. They offer forums, essays and opinions from industry professionals, archives, and columns.

Wordplay's columns are so detailed and offer so much information, reading them feels like taking a course in screenwriting. As you peruse the site, click the links and you will find more and more information about the subject of screenwriting. For anyone interested in screenwriting, this site is magical.

You will learn so much about screenwriting, in fact, you'll be surprised by the depth of information wordplay offers.

As one who is in the process of writing a few screenplays, I am finding this site invaluable and I wanted to share it with you. I won't take up any more of your time with this blog, because, if you are at all interested in screenwriting, you will find yourself immersed in the wordplay web site.

Have fun exploring.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Funniest Area Blog

Today I would like to introduce you to a photo blog called, Funniest Area. If you're tired of reading blogs and you just want to look at some pictures, this blog is just the blog you need.

Begun in 2009, Cebuano, who had been collecting items that made him laugh, decided to share his weird and unusual photos and artwork through a blog.

The results appear in Funniest Area. Some of the photos are hilarious, like the one I included in this blog. Click any of the links for Funniest Area and enter the Funniest Area.

If you would like YOUR blog showcased, contact me at weirddreams@mail.com.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let Her Entertain You

Twilightnera's Entertainment Hotspot blog was begun two years ago when Twilightnera decided that she wanted a medium to express her opinion on the most recent entertainment news.

According to Twilightnera, "I think everyone is always a little interested in entertainment news and I wanted a medium to express my opinion on the most recent entertainment news."

Though Twilightnera admits that readers might not learn anything "that they can use everyday...they definitely can be entertained..." and what she writes could elicit some discussion. Her desire is to entertain her readers.

What separates Twilightnera's entertainment blog from other entertainment blogs? Spunk and spin. As she explains, her posts "are not just copies of the same news already written." Twilightnera offers "a different spin and spunk" every time.

She wants her readers to have fun while they read her entertainment news. And she enjoys the exchange of blog comments, too, so make sure you leave comments on her blog.

Anybody who wants to keep up with the latest news on music, movies, fashion, and television in the entertainment world would enjoy reading her blog.

Find Twilightnera's Entertainment Hotspot blog by clicking any of the links in this blog where Twilightnera appears.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Which Blog is the Top-Rated Blog?

What is the Top Blog? Have you ever wondered which blog has the most readers?

Plug the word, "blog" into any search engine. Go ahead. Do it. I'll wait. What did you come up with? I came up with 193,000,000 when I tried it.

Does that mean that the Internet is filled with 193 million blogs? Perhaps. Which is sad for those of us who are at the bottom rung of this extremely high Highway To Heaven type of ladder.

If you write a blog, do you want your blog to be the top-rated blog? So do I. But WOW what competition. I decided to find out which blog was listed as the top blog. And I found it.

According to Technorati and The eBusiness Knowledgebase, it's The Huffington Post.

So what does The Huffington Post offer that I don't offer in any of my blogs? LOTS! The Huffington Post covers so many areas that it will take me a paragraph just to list them:  politics, health, divorce, arts, entertainment, books, business, media, world news, food, travel, technology, the environment, energy, movies, and so much more.

If you feel like checking out your competition, as I did, click on any link for The Huffington Post.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

EXPERT Advice for Bloggers Who Want Readers – EXPERT Information on How to Make Money from Blogging

Ever Hear of Darren Rowse or ProBlogger?

Blogger Darren Rowse of ProBlogger is a blogging guru who teaches bloggers about all aspects of blogging.

If you are a blogger who hasn't yet heard about Darren Rowse or his ProBlogger web site, you will be excited to know that just by visiting the ProBlogger web site and by reading ProBlogger, you will learn more about blogging than you ever thought possible. If you've been trying to pickaxe your way though the minefield of blogging trying to locate that one blogger who will tell you everything you need to know about blogging, let me introduce you to the gem you've been seeking.

In other words, from how to use SEO (search engine optimization) to how to find more readers to how to make money blogging, ProBlogger is the BEST blogging information site I've ever found. I'd like to share it with you.

Before I tell you about what's on the site, I'd like to tell you about something else that is currently taking place on ProBlogger.

What's New With ProBlogger?

Right now, ProBlogger is offering a Blogging Success Summit 2011 that I would dearly love to attend because of everything they will offer at the summit, but the price, even with its current 50% discount (as of January 2, 2011), is WAY out of my price range. (I wonder if they offer scholarships ;)

BUT just because I can't afford to take advantage of ProBlogger's Blogging Success Summit 2011, doesn't mean you can't. Click the links to find it.

Despite the fact that I can't join the summit, I wanted to help other bloggers who might not already know about Darren Rowse or ProBlogger, by showcasing ProBlogger in my Your Blog Connection blog. If, like me, you can't afford to attend the online summit, you can at least access all of the links available on ProBlogger and gain access into the insights of a blogging powerhouse. Darren Rowse offers a plethora of information directly on his web site.

Why is Blogger, Darren Rowse, Successful?

Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 (he has 30 BLOGS!), and he has been earning a FULL-TIME LIVING from his blogs since 2005 (can you see my jealousy seeping through my words right now?) – I repeat – a FULL-TIME-LIVING FROM WRITING BLOGS!

Imagine how much you'll learn from this master blogger. He is so knowledgeable in the field of his expertise, you could learn enough from him in one day to jump-start your own career in blogging. My goal this year (perhaps THIS is my New Year's Resolution) is to read him more frequently. Maybe one day I, too, will be able to earn a living from blogging.

Where Can You Find ProBlogger, Darren Rowse?

To visit the main ProBlogger web site of Darren Rowse, click HERE.

If you are interested in his workbooks, click HERE.

And his money-making information is located HERE.

What makes this blog truly remarkable, from a blogger's standpoint, is his Latest Jobs section, located HERE. I have so many blogs that I'm having difficulty maintaining, so I haven't been able to utilize this part of his web site, but check it out. You might find something that interests you.

All in all, Darren Rowse's ProBlogger blog is probably the best blog around if you are a blogger looking for information on how to improve traffic to your blog, make money from your blog, and come up with ideas for more interesting content.

Whether you're a blogger just starting out or you've been blogging for a long time, you will always learn something from ProBlogger.


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