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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outright – FREE Online Accounting Software

Outright is a simple online accounting and bookkeeping tool for freelancers, online sellers, and small business owners that allows users to chart their business success for free. Outright gathers all business credits and debits together in one place so that users can access their information online through any computer.

If you work for yourself, you already know the headache of tracking your income and expenses, and you are well aware that the IRS is tracking your every move too. Why hire an accountant to handle your business finances when you can use Outright?

Unlike Quicken or QuickBooks, Outright is not loaded with features a small business might not use anyway, but it can automate common accounting tasks, show the progress of your business tax throughout the year, and provide graphs so that you can see at a glance how your business is working for you.

All information is kept on secured servers that are automatically backed up, so Outright is safe to use. Outright also grows with your business so that when your needs for new accounting features arise, Outright will address your invoicing, receipt tracking, contact management, and more, with other online accounting solutions, such as Freshbooks, which integrates invoicing features.

Tax time is coming. Why not give Outright a try? 


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