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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Switch to Solar Power?

Energy in all forms seems to be the ever-sustaining focus in our lives lately. We all crave more energy. We consume energy drinks, we use energy to light our homes, we exercise to increase our energy, and we pay exorbitant prices to use energy. How high is your electric bill?

You don't have to spend half a week's pay to use electricity. You can use green energy to power your home or office at very little cost. Green energy is renewable energy, energy that will be around for our children and for our children's children, and solar energy is one form of sustainable energy worth investigating.

Though the sun hides behind clouds at times, the sun is always present and always radiating waves, waves that could provide all your electric needs if only you could harness its energy. And you can! If you installed a solar electricity system, you could cut your energy budget like this:

(graphic provided by Baker Electric Solar, located in San Diego) 

Solar energy is a clean and efficient energy solution, and the government offers taxpayers incentive packages for using it. 

If only solar companies would investigate the use of solar panels on automobiles to decrease our driving expenses and help eliminate gas fumes while also decreasing our reliance on foreign oil. Just a thought.