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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beth Blacker…Call Me Crazy

Most people won’t admit to being crazy. Maybe most people aren’t crazy and the rest of us think everyone but us is crazy. Beth Blacker doesn’t care who knows she’s crazy, because she’d rather be branded as crazy than as a, “baked goods blogger.” 

If you think that introduction means you’re in for a little bit of fun, let me introduce you to Beth Blacker and how and why, in Beth Blacker’s words, Beth Blacker…Call Me Crazy began. 

Beth Blacker…Call Me Crazy was started in February, 2015, but I had a previous (blog) through a baked goods company I owned that was pretty similar in terms of the voice I gave it, but it tended to be a little more focused on business.

After making the decision to let go of my baked goods company at the end of 2014, I was planning to start a consulting firm that would help small business owners/entrepreneurs with networking and relationship building. It is something I really thrive on and do it well. I thought about how I wanted to be branded and since I've always felt like I really put myself "out there" and tend to "say it like it is" (thank my grandmother for that), why not just have fun with it and the whole "call me crazy" thing just sort morphed from there.

Beth feels that women aged 35 and older, especially those experiencing midlife and beyond, would be interested in reading her blog. “So much of what I write about is just about my day to day encounters with people, places, and things. And since I'm now into my 50's that makes me more relatable with others in my age bracket.”

Like most bloggers, Beth’s goals in writing Beth Blacker…Call Me Crazy is to share her world with other like-minded individuals. “I would hope I bring a little insight into some of the crazy stuff really going on in the world with a splash of humor, but every once in awhile I do have to get up on a soap box and try to shake a little sense into what I see going on around me.”

If the world around you seems to be a little crazy and if you want to make sense of what you’re experiencing, Beth Blacker…Call Me Crazy just might provide you with some answers. Beth invites you to, “Try it...you'll like it...and I really promise it won't hurt ;)”

Want to try it? Click on any of the Beth Blacker…Call Me Crazy links in this blog.

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