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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check Out This "Writing for AC" Blog

Pamela Gifford began writing her blog, Writing For AC, before she "even really knew what (she) was doing on AC." Admitting that she was merely "squeaking by on page views," Pamela had "no clue what SEO was, and was tickled pink if (she) got 100 page views in a day." In Writing For AC, Pamela chronicles her journey from that of an unknown contributor to that of a Featured Contributor (in the Arts & Entertainment category).

Although she is "not afraid to put (herself) out there" and admits to screwing up now and then, she also provides "information on other content writing sites and basics on content writing in general."

Pamela began her blog, Writing For AC in May 2009, which she initially used to promote her work on Associated Content. As she kept writing it, though, "it turned into a tutorial, a question/answer, and much more."

Who would most likely read her blog? "AC contributors (new or experienced) or anyone who is thinking about signing up for AC."

Pamela provides tips and advice, not only from herself, but also from other contributors, giving readers more opportunities to find the answers they seek. And she wants readers to know that she gives an honest assessment of what they can hope to gain from writing for Associated Content. "The benefit," as Pamela says, "is a truthful sharing of information."

For a featured writer's perspective on Associated Content, visit Writing For AC by Pamela Gifford. And if you would like to read Pamela Gifford's Associated Content Articles, click any of the links under her name.

As an aside, I enjoy writing for Associated Content too. For anyone interested in writing, it's a great place to earn money for your writing.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Every Day Crochet

Other than spending time with family and friends, two things I enjoy most are writing and crocheting, so I'm always looking at patterns for ideas about how to create my next project.

When I came upon Every Day Crochet, my eyes lit up. I no longer have to conduct my own finds, because Marie Anne St. Jean does all the work for me!

Does that mean I'm lazy? Possibly, but when you find somebody whose blog is dedicated to crochet and only crochet, why go anywhere else? Also she provides links to various crochet sites, so I now rely on Every Day Crochet for my ideas.

Marie Anne (pronounced Mary Ann) started Every Day Crochet in October 2008. She saw others blogging and decided to try it herself. I'm glad she did, because one of her newest blogs has given me an idea for my upcoming crochet project – a Stained Glass pattern (you can see it by clicking the link).

Most of her readers are those who "share the craft of crochet," but others might want to check out her Wednesday blog, because on Wednesday, Marie Anne St. Jean shares something she calls "WIP Wednesday" (Work In Progress), where she showcases her current projects on Every Day Crochet.

She also encourages others to link their blogs to hers so readers can see what everybody else is working on. And she doesn't limit the links to just crochet projects: "Everyone is welcome to share a project they're working on, be it a craft, DIY, renovation, landscaping, etc."

Marie Anne further states, "I keep the linky tool 'live' for a full week until the next WIP Wednesday rolls around, so it doesn't matter what day you blog about it, you can still link to mine. I find it a great way to find new and interesting blogs to follow and people to visit."

The patterns Marie Anne creates are beautiful, but, according to Marie Anne, they are not magical. "Those who don't crochet think I'm doing something magical, when in fact nothing I crochet is very fancy. I can teach anyone to do the simple things I do (and I have)."

Her comment reminds me of the time I saw my grandmother crocheting intricate doilies when I was a child. Because I was so interested in learning how to crochet, I asked her to teach me how to crochet. I was an attentive student, because I really wanted to learn the art of crochet.

Years later, when I provided daycare, a couple of the older girls (around the age of 10) wanted to learn how to crochet. I taught those little girls how to crochet, and now one of my daughters wants me to teach her how to crochet. Once you learn the various stitches (not many), you can create crocheted items on your own. Like Marie Anne, mine are simple (scarves and afghans).

Marie Anne adds, "Those who crochet might pick up a tip or two that I've shared, and those who don't crochet have a chance to see just how easy it can be to create simple projects. I'd like to think I've inspired some to either pick up a crochet hook again, or endeavor to learn the craft. I've got a few stitches and simple patterns that I enjoy, and those are either listed on my blog, or there are links to where they are listed."

If you enjoy crocheting, or if you just want to be inspired by the patterns and information Marie Anne supplies on Every Day Crochet, click any of the Every Day Crochet links in this blog.