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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Text Me, Love Mom with Candace Allan

One of the most fun and exciting results of blogging is being able to turn your blog into a book, and that’s exactly what Candace Allan of Text Me, Love Mom did with her blog when she put together her book, Text Me, Love Mom; Two girls, Two Boys, One Empty Nest, available from Amazon (click the link). The book, Candace says, is devoted to, “this generation of helicopter parents.”

Candace discovered blogging a few years ago when her eldest daughter left home for art college. CBC radio broadcast essays written by Candace and her daughter about her daughter’s “‘launch’ from the nest.” Candace says, ”As my other three children queued up to leave home, I began to blog about what I see now as 'the next stage of parenting’.”  After saying good-bye to her oldest baby, she gave birth to a blog, Text Me, Love Mom.

“Empty Nest Syndrome” is an all-too-familiar term for Candace, who tells me, “Parents young and old will appreciate my posts on trying not to hover too low, but still managing to stay connected - especially those parents preparing for, or living through, the counseling, maturing, and inescapable drama that goes on as kids leave home and families get their bearings again.” 

Candace Allan’s Text Me, Love Mom blog is about, “these family dramas and other observations of comical or poignant family culture that have become my latest muse.” As a loving mom, she can’t help but brag that her daughter, Shea, created the artwork you see on the book cover above. She also designed this poster:  

If you are trying to avoid wearing the title of, “helicopter parent,” or if you would like to read more about how this mom is coping with life changes you might be experiencing or will soon experience, please click any of the Text Me, Love Mom links in this blog.


  1. It's probably a good thing I never had children. When they left home, I would have been out of my mind with worry.

    1. I have four children, now all grown, and yes, I was out of my mind with worry – but I think that's because I've always been such a control freak and when they left home, I lost control over their lives – which may be why they all left so early ;)