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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lisa Romeo Writes

One problem many bloggers encounter when they first journey into Blog Land is coming up with a name for their blog that epitomizes what their blogs are about. Some of us, after agonizing over what to name our blogs, finally choose something that works for us and then discover that somebody else is already using the name we chose for our blogs.

So in the Spring of 2007, when Lisa Romeo chose the name for her blog, Lisa Romeo Writes, Lisa admits, “That's not exactly the most creative name, but when I first launched it I never thought anyone would be interested unless they knew me personally, so I figured this would be the easiest way for friends to find it. Now, like the members of a stupidly-named obscure rock band who have somehow succeeded, I can't bring myself to change the name. And since it doubles as my website, the title is doing its job.”

Lisa explains the reason she began writing her blog: 

I was halfway through a low-residency MFA program, and found myself with a lot to talk about, and needing a virtual place to have conversations with other writers. I was also trying to keep in touch with my MFA classmates in between on-site residencies, and was learning Twitter, Facebook, and other tech tools, so building the blog fit in nicely.

And to whom does Lisa Romeo Writes cater? 

Other writers, mainly. The content speaks directly to writers of all stripes, all genres, all forms, though there is a slight tilt toward creative nonfiction because that's my main area of expertise. But I also cover fiction, poetry, freelance journalism, and the teaching of writing. In addition to writers, blog readers are also editors, teachers, publishers, literary journal editors; also, readers who are curious about writing and are interested in how writers work and produce what appears on bookstore shelves or in journals.

Writers will benefit from reading Lisa Romeo Writes, because, as Lisa says,
I aim to deliver two levels of information and inspiration. First, a glimpse into my personal experiences as a working writer, editor, and writing teacher. I try to share the straight story on the typical struggles, frustrations, and challenges I face (and how I feel and what I do about them), as well as the successes (small and larger), lessons I've learned, writing tips and advice, and resources I've found helpful.

Second, I like to act as a conduit to bring readers access to a wealth of other voices, perspectives, and resources, by way of frequent guest posts and interviews. These feature a wide array of authors, editors, publishers, writers, conference organizers, and others working in the vast writing world. I choose these people first of all because I'm interested personally in some aspect of their writing journey, or their newest publication, or what they do or provide. Sometimes that may be tied to a new book, but not always. I like to keep the guest posts and interview categories loosely defined, so that I can feature whatever and whomever appeals to me. That seems to be a good formula, and typically readers respond well to my choices.

Twice a month or so, I do a "Friday Fridge Clean-Out – Links for Writers," a round-up of interesting writerly stuff I've come across. It's named after the way I feed my family at the end of the week—tossing together all the saved leftovers and trying to put together an interesting meal.

(Except for the occasional review copy of a book, I don't accept any free products or other inducements. If you read about something or someone on my blog, it's because I genuinely think it's a worthwhile product, interesting book, or that person has a compelling story about their writing experience.)
If what you’ve read so far doesn’t entice you, read what else Lisa has to say about Lisa Romeo Writes:

Part of the official tagline says, "Tips, advice, and resources on the art, craft, and business of writing and the writing life…" So, if you are a writer of any kind, and you visit the blog on a semi-regular basis, or subscribe to posts, chances are you'll frequently find something that will help, inform, inspire, or even entertain you as a writer. Sometimes, you will laugh, or nod your head in chagrined understanding; other times, you may have an "aha" moment, when something you've wondered about comes into focus. Often, you'll find a resource or insight that will help you with your writing craft.

Sometimes I start a continuing series. Two popular ones are "Stuff My Writing Students Say," (just like it sounds: I note a frequent writing student observation/complaint, and try to answer it); and "View From the Third Row," (notes on attending writing conferences and other literary events).

The blog was included, for the second straight year, in "100 Best Websites for Writers" (2015 & 2014) by The Write Life.

Also, I'm always open to suggestions for guest posts or interviews. And I love comments!

To read, Lisa Romeo Writes, click on any of the Lisa Romeo Writes links in this blog.

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