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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Parent Tango, the Dance of a Husband and Wife Blogging Team

Approximately six or seven years ago, the blog, Parent Tango, arose. One of the authors, who wishes to remain anonymous, because she and her husband reveal some, “pretty gritty and personal stuff,” states, “My husband and I are parents of four kids who are now in their late teens and early 20’s. I was asked by a magazine I was freelancing for, to consider writing a parenting blog that would be featured on their site. Because my husband and I had a lot of years of marriage and parenting under our belts, and because we disagree A LOT, about everything, we thought a he said/she said format would be interesting and different. Sometimes the posts are just from me because well, I’m a woman and I like to talk more and my husband is, well, a man, and it’s hard to get him to communicate sometimes.”

Parent Tango readers are, “Anyone who is thinking about marriage and parenting, is in the midst of it or on the other side of it.” Parent Tango authors think readers can relate to – “or be informed about if they haven’t taken the plunge yet” the material they present in their blog. And they add, “just because our kids are older now, doesn’t mean we can’t relate to what it is to be a new couple or new parents. We remember it very clearly, have the perspective of having gotten past that but we’re still very much in the throes of it all – the work of marriage and parenting doesn’t end – it just changes.”

As far as what you, the readers, have to gain by reading this blog, the authors state, “We hope readers will feel like they are not alone in some of their struggles and in some of the feelings they have that they feel like they dare not say. We tell it like it is and don’t portray only the sunny, happy, we-have-it-all-together moments of marriage and parenting – because we sure as heck don’t. And neither do most other people. Our tagline is ‘you can totally relate’ and we feel that’s true.”

Because of the unique structuring of this blog, with husband and wife sharing male and female perspectives, readers will get a glimpse into both sides of a committed relationship between two parents. This Parent Tango husband and wife team, “will let people know they aren’t alone, that marriage and parenting are really hard sometimes, that they’ll maybe get a laugh, gain some insight into their own partner and kids and just know that when they may be feeling down or frustrated or alone, they really aren’t. We get it. We’re living it.”

Please visit Parent Tango by clicking any of the links in this blog.

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