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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Heart-Mind-Soul with Carol Cassara

Before she changed the name of her blog from Middle-aged-diva, back in 2008, to Heart-Mind-Soul, Carol Cassara, who lives in the San Fransisco Bay area, began her blog as a means of self-expression. As Carol explains, “A writer all my life, I love having a venue to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and opinions unfiltered by outside editors.”

On her “About Me” page Carol further explains her reasons for writing – “As a lifelong writer, I’m driven to let readers into the Aladdin’s Cave that is my life. My world overflows with bright colors, laughter, and variety, and so does my brain. All that stuff has to go somewhere—and this is where.”

Carol’s Heart-Mind-Soul cave reveals mysteries that will intrigue many readers, including her story (which will eventually be a memoir) about how she and her first husband remarried 27 years after their divorce – “27 years during which we both had full other lives and never even saw each other.” Carol’s life now? “The life he and I have now is beyond my wildest imaginings.”

Heart-Mind-Soul, Carol explains, provides daily inspiration for creating our best lives.” Her posts cover a broad range of topics and include every thing from spirituality and style to dogs, travel, and books.

Carol’s “core readers are women mid-life and above, but,” Carol says, “I’ve got a loyal contingent of men who regularly read and some even comment. Readers tell me all the time that they love that my blog posts make them think and that I welcome their opinions, even if different from my own.”

Heart-Mind-Soul offers something different day to day, so Carol hopes readers will visit her blog to discover her topic du jour and participate in what she describes as, “often an interesting discussion in the Comments section.” Successful blogging often includes participation from readers. Carol’s readers, “are not shy and they don't hesitate to jump in with their thoughts. That's what I like best about them and about blogging. Few people just say ‘awesome post’ – they say why they think it's awesome OR why they disagree!”

Intrigued? Please click any of the links in this blog to read Carol Cassara’s Heart-Mind-Soul blog.


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    1. Her blog deserves to be shared. Thank you!

  2. Carol is one of my favorite writers. Whatever her subject is you can guarantee it will make you think long and hard. Great post!

    1. I was happy to showcase her. Thank you for your comment!

  3. You guys are so great! Thank you and thank you Theresa!