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Saturday, August 8, 2015

E-Couch with Dr. Sandy Nelson, Life Coach

Have you ever wanted to seek the advice of a mental health professional without actually having to visit one in person? Welcome to E-Couch with psychologist, Dr. Sandy Nelson, Life Coach. Dr. Nelson was, “the Clinical Manager of 36 staff members at the leading behavioral health hospital in the Chicago area” for ten years until 2012, when she noticed hand tremors. 

When she was diagnosed with Parkinsonism, “a form of PD that has not yet manifested fully, but contains the physical symptoms,” Dr. Nelson lost her ability to perform many activities associated with daily living, including handwriting. “But I can still use a keyboard and a mouse!” (Notice her triumphant spirit!)

So on October 30, 2014, with, “a longing to continue working in my field,” Dr. Sandy Nelson, wrote her first E-Couch blog, “as a means to help others and to help myself in the process.”

She wants to help her readers find better ways to manage their stress, control their emotions and succeed in life, especially if they’ve lost hope and enthusiasm for living. Dr. Sandy Nelson, through her E-Couch blog, wants to help people find their “inner light” and “provide information that helps and doesn't help in the pursuit of happiness.” As Dr. Sandy relates, “Some people have no encouragement in their life. I try to be that source.”

Dr. Sandy feels her calling is, “to reach as many people as I can who believe the worst about themselves, who think they're nothing and nobody and to tell them the truth. That the critical and demeaning crap they were told or learned about themselves isn't true. It's the biggest lie they tell themselves. They are love. Everyone is.”

Dr. Sandy hopes that by reading E-Couch, her readers will learn to live with, “a better mindset and attitude; to experience enthusiasm again, even in a stressful life; to learn better methods of communicating anger, hurt, and sadness, so it doesn't fester and implode; to ask for help when symptoms are becoming destructive as seen in addictions, depression, eating disorders, and paralyzing anxiety.”

If you’re looking for advice on how to better live your life, please click any of the links in this blog to visit Dr. Sandy’s blog.

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