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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Humor Outcasts

Are you a humor outcast? Have you been dumped into the humor wastelands? Have your humor articles been removed from article sites because you live in the wrong country or because the "powers that be" didn't like your sense of humor? Are you crying right now because I'm depressing you? (Sorry.)

More likely you are crying because you can't express yourself.

Well wipe those tears and send all those non-appreciative web sites to your own personal graveyard, because now you have a site where you can tickle readers' funny bones with YOUR funny articles until they scream out in hilarity – Humor Outcasts.

Humor Outcasts was officially launched by Donna Cavanagh in April of 2011 to give humor writers, including those who were cast out of other writing sites, a place to "spread their wings."

Upset over having hers and her humor-writing friends' posts deleted over and over again, Donna decided to give comedy writers a place to showcase their talents without having to worry about being thrown out of the comedy writing genre.

Yes we all have a different sense of humor, and I'm the first one to admit that what is funny to one person doesn't necessarily amuse me, but the diversity of writers on Humor Outcasts guarantees that you will find something comical, zany, or wacky enough to appeal to you.

That's what's so great about Humor OutcastsHumor Outcasts appeals to people with all kinds of humor – witty, "punny," farcical, slapstick, quirky, shady, droll, or risque. Donna says, "There are so many writers with different styles and views present on the site…readers will be diverse as well."

According to Donna, "We all know the importance of humor. It is physically and emotionally beneficial to all of us though many of us do not take time to keep it in our lives." You are so right, Donna. We all need laughter.

But humor is not "funny business." Donna wants people to know that humor is serious business. The editors at Humor Outcasts will either accept or reject your submission based on your skills as a writer – not on your sense of humor.

"(Comedy) is an important genre in the writing world and sometimes it does not get the respect it deserves." Unlike Rodney Dangerfield, who always claimed to get no respect, the writers who are accepted by Humor Outcasts, will find the respect they deserve.

Currently, Humor Outcasts is a no-pay site, though they hope to be paying their writers within a year. But if you're looking for exposure and you have a skill with writing humor, know that Humor Outcasts is looking for exceptional humor writers, not people who just want to post a funny experience and who have no writing talent.

What Humor Outcasts will provide you with is the exposure you want and need to build a successful career in the comedy field. Be patient. Humor Outcasts will eventually reward its writers with paychecks that will keep their dreams alive.

Whether you're a comedic writer with outstanding writing skills, or a reader who enjoys reading amusing anecdotes and all things funny, you owe it to yourself  to read Humor Outcasts' "ever-growing number of funny writers and check out their bios…" Humor Outcasts also promotes their writers' books and other works.

Donna guarantees that you will "walk away with at at least a smile and that might make (your) day a little better."

Want your blog showcased? Send your request to weirddreams@mail.com. Put YBC in the subject line. Like Humor Outcasts, I look for blogs written by talented writers who write well.

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