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Monday, January 10, 2011

Which Blog is the Top-Rated Blog?

What is the Top Blog? Have you ever wondered which blog has the most readers?

Plug the word, "blog" into any search engine. Go ahead. Do it. I'll wait. What did you come up with? I came up with 193,000,000 when I tried it.

Does that mean that the Internet is filled with 193 million blogs? Perhaps. Which is sad for those of us who are at the bottom rung of this extremely high Highway To Heaven type of ladder.

If you write a blog, do you want your blog to be the top-rated blog? So do I. But WOW what competition. I decided to find out which blog was listed as the top blog. And I found it.

According to Technorati and The eBusiness Knowledgebase, it's The Huffington Post.

So what does The Huffington Post offer that I don't offer in any of my blogs? LOTS! The Huffington Post covers so many areas that it will take me a paragraph just to list them:  politics, health, divorce, arts, entertainment, books, business, media, world news, food, travel, technology, the environment, energy, movies, and so much more.

If you feel like checking out your competition, as I did, click on any link for The Huffington Post.

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  1. I think you're amazingly prolific, even if you're not the Huffy Post.