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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Independent Learners, Check out CoursePark to Achieve Your Career Goals

Many of us want to further our education, but can't for a variety of reasons. Maybe we are without transportation. Maybe we have small children running around. Or maybe we just can't afford the gas to get us to and from school.

For so many reasons, learning online has become popular. People without transportation don't have to stand out in the cold or the rain for the next late bus. Stay-at-home parents can learn while still caring for their children. Those with jobs can return to the comfort of their homes, turn on their computers, and achieve their career goals while sitting in their pajamas.

If you are one of those people and you want to achieve your career goals and build your skills online, look no further than CoursePark Learning Networks. Their online learning system promotes career development and helps you advance in the business world with a course library that exceeds 3500 online courses from the world's leading course providers. 

CoursePark offers a user-friendly environment along with cutting-edge social Learning Networks. CoursePark also personalizes your learning profile to further build on your skills, and their secure virtual classrooms allow companies to invite learners, upload or share courses, start discussions, generate reports, and track results.

In only minutes, businesses can create customized Learning Networks where their personalized learning profiles allow students to build, save, and share their learning history with numerous social media networks. Training employees has never been easier.

Sign up now for your free account at CoursePark (click the link). And try their CourseMarket (click the link) for a large variety of free and paid courses.
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