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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Living With Cancer Blog

Mayo Clinic is a source I consult often – for a variety of reasons. They are comprehensive and informative and, let's face it, reliable. If you have any problem whatsoever, you can check out their diseases and conditions list, their symptoms list, their drugs and supplements list, and so much more.

As you might imagine, with the onset of my own breast cancer diagnosis, I have researched as much as I can read about the subject. When I looked online to find blogs about my particular form of breast cancer, I discovered a blog about all forms of cancer. And it was where I expected it to be – Mayo Clinic.

As Nicole Engler, Mayo Clinic's cancer education specialist writes, the American Cancer Society "estimates there are more than 10 million cancer survivors in the United States alone." That number gives me hope – lots of it. I have no doubt I will beat this invader. My tumor has already shrunk to the point where the doctor couldn't even feel it today (I'm writing this during a chemo treatment) – and it had been an obvious protrusion at 4cm wide!

The Living with cancer blog is dedicated to cancer survivors, their caregivers, and their love ones. I assume it is also written for people like me who are going through the cancer process.

This newly created Living with cancer blog, was begun on October 13, 2009. How appropriate. It began during Breast Cancer Awareness Month just after my first chemo treatment.

I wanted to share it with others whose friends and family members were or are suffering from a cancer diagnosis. Join in the discussion. As of this writing, Nicole has over 120 comments.

The American Cancer Society, by the way, offers numerous blogs as well.

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