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Friday, July 31, 2015

Mimi Avocado

When Marion Delano Holtz, who goes by, "Mimi,” attended the BlogHer 2011 conference in San Diego, she became inspired to write her blog, Mimi Avocado. She had always wanted to write for a magazine, but had given up on having a writing career when she entered her 50s. However, that conference changed everything for Mimi.

As Mimi tells me, “When I discovered blogging, I knew I could start my own 'magazine' and develop my writing and photography skills there. I felt empowered and energized by the prospect of learning something new!” So in 2011, Mimi gave birth to her blog, Mimi Avocado.

Mimi doesn’t write just about avocados, though anybody interested in avocados is likely to find her blog. According to Mimi, “My readers are people who find me when they're looking for information about avocados. Young and old, male and female. Now that I'm writing about travel, sharing adventures, and expanding my recipes to include simple home-cooking that doesn't have to include avocado, I hope even more readers will connect with me.”

What sparked Mimi’s interest in avocados? “Living on an avocado farm in California is something I never dreamed of while growing up in Vermont,” Mimi admits. But that’s exactly what happened to Mimi. She now owns and operates an avocado ranch in Southern California! 

“Life is full of adventures,” Mimi says. “Even the everyday simple things can be seen as an adventure.” She hopes her readers, “will be uplifted and inspired to try new things themselves, whether it's a recipe, a new fruit or vegetable, or a new adventure!”

In addition to the recipes and travel information Mimi offers on her blog, one great perk about Mimi Avocado is her giveaways! Sponsors occasionally send products to her, and she passes along those offers to her readers. “It might be a cookbook, some cheese, coupons for pasteurized eggs, or even fresh avocados from our family farm! It's worth leaving a comment because it's fun to win something and have it show up at your doorstep!” 

If you’re interested in trying some tantalizing avocado – and other – recipes or if you want to read about Mimi’s travels, click on any of the Mimi Avocado links in this blog. And don’t forget to leave a comment – you might win a prize!

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