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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beauty Along the Road

Nature, symbolism, philosophy, travel, and Beauty Along the Road  join hands in a journey through mind and Earth in this aesthetically beautiful blog, filled with gorgeous photos and creative commentary. Ph.D. Psychologist, Annette, started writing Beauty Along the Road in January, 2013, and, through her words and pictures, inspires readers to wander through their own thoughts and reflections.

Even Annette’s descriptions are poetic, so in her own words, here is how Annette describes her blog: “I love combining my pictures with words, either as a poem, social commentary, or musings. I am mostly a nature photographer and live in a beautiful part of the US, the Allegheny Mountains in Virginia. Living in nature, there's always something going on – weather induced landscape changes as the morning mist rises up from the river valley, colorful birds at the feeder, hawks or eagles circling overhead, gorgeous wildflowers (including native orchids)...the beauty is endless.”

Annette, an international traveler, includes photographs and stories from her travels. Her inspiration to start blogging arose from a vacation she took to Bali, Indonesia, the summer before she started her blog. “I was so impressed with the daily rituals of placing flowers as offerings to the gods; the stunning flower mandalas created for the day in a bowl with water...when I returned, I made it a point to create beauty in my life and the idea of the blog fell in with that commitment. I am also interested in living off the land, growing my own food, and taking good care of the earth.”

Readers who follow Annette in her Beauty Along the Road  blog are, “people who appreciate nature, travel, symbolism, and a bit of social commentary sprinkled in. I've tapped into an international blogging community that ranges from deep thinkers about earth stewardship, intercultural and interracial relationships, to nature and travel enthusiasts.”

Annette believes, "that my readers appreciate the connections I make between Nature and our experience as humans. I often research the symbolic meanings of animals, for example, and interweave it with my pictures and story.”

Because of her credentials as a Ph.D. Psychologist, Annette has also, “formally studied and researched the human condition and cross-cultural relations in particular.” Annette brings a depth to her stories, “that often surprises people and opens up a deeper understanding for them.” And she adds, “Also, in my nature connections, I discover truths that we've mostly lost in our modern, mostly urbanized existence.”

If you’re interested in making a deeper connection to our earth and want to experience the poetry of nature and its relationship to all beings on Earth, join Annette in her Beauty Along the Road  blog. You’ll find some spectacular photographs there as well. Just click any of the links that appear in this blog.

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