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Friday, February 3, 2012

From Typing With Carbons To Litigation Software

Years ago, I worked as a legal secretary for a couple of law firms. Still trying to "find myself" during that time, I had considered becoming a court reporter. Taking depositions appealed to me, but intense research appealed to me even more.

I was also becoming an avid fan of photography and videography, purchasing a nice camera to take pictures of my children and borrowing video recorders from friends for moments I wanted to capture.

While I attended college (as a mother of four), I worked for a man whose son owned a video production company. Originally the company put photos onto video and their customers were satisfied. Eventually, though, the video production company blossomed into a profitable business. They expanded their services to include taping videos for law firms who wanted them to project possible scenarios for legal purposes. Trajectories of bullets looked far more convincing when judges and jurors could SEE on video the results of shots fired from different angles.

Today certified videographers are in demand and court reporters we once saw slamming their fingers into stenotypes now enable their law firms to work more efficiently by helping with research.

Like everything else, law has come a long way. I once used carbons on a typewriter to produce copies that had to be perfectly aligned. Law firms now use litigation software to streamline their work load. As a fan of NCIS, Law and Order: SVU, and Criminal Minds, I am all for finding creative solutions to reveal criminal activity and ease caseloads.

Photo above is of Huseby, Inc., which offers worldwide litigation support.

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