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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gift of FUDGE!

Looking for a truly unique gift this year? How about the gift of fudge. Oh, Fudge is a website devoted only to fudge in all kinds of fudgy flavors.

Like peanut butter fudge? It's there! How about cheese fudge? They can make it. As a matter of fact, what makes this fudge site so remarkable is that they will make whatever type of fudge you crave – within reason – alcohol across state borders would probably require a license, so they take precautions.

Strawberry, raspberry, walnuts, pecans, CARAMEL (my favorite) – add whatever sweet or salty ingredient bathes your palate in ecstasy, and you can enjoy uniquely created fudges.

Not sure what type of fudge you'd like to try? Check out their fudge sampler pack, and if you already know which kinds of fudge (from their selection) that you'd like to try, customize your order at no extra charge.

Boxes are $17.00 (as of 12.12.12), so if your budget calls for a $20 gift, and you want that gift to be something memorable and delicious, visit the Oh, Fudge website and friend Oh, Fudge on FaceBook, where they are known as fudgeygoodness!