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Monday, August 13, 2012

Nerdy Parents – Satisfy Your Nerdy Needs!

FINALLY – a community has been created just for YOU! If you are a Nerd who is just beginning a family, Nerdy With Children will satisfy all your nerdy needs!

Nerdy With Children launched on August 7, 2012. Nick Veneris and David Gorcey, through their company – Endemic – decided to "remove stereotypical labels like hipster, goth and computer geek and build a community that celebrates 'non-mainstream' diversity (all quotes attributed to Nick)." Nerdy With Children offers parents under 45 who are pregnant or who have children under the age of 13 non-traditional products that appeal specifically to the nerdy parent.

According to Nick, "There's been an explosion in recent years of 'non-traditional' products for kids under 12. From Etsy to the kids sections on Think Geek and Sourpussclothing.com. Unfortunately, no one is really aggregating or curating those products. We thought this would be the perfect foundation to building a 'nerdy' community."

Nerdy parents obsessed with one or more of the following, "art, science, math, computer programming, board/video games, goth, rock n roll, punk,sci-fi, fantasy and things of that nature," will find Nerdy With Children an exciting place to browse nerdy products and to communicate with other like-minded nerds through the Nerdy With Children Forum.

Nerdy With Children isn't for parents only though. Grandparents who are looking for that perfect gift for their grandchildren, "will find the product descriptions quite useful as a gift buying guide." So Grandma and Grandpa, if you have grandchildren interested in gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, artsy-type or music-related items, or even techie stuff, click any of the links in this blog.

After you join the forum, follow Nerdy With Children on Twitter and friend Nerdy With Children on Facebook.

Final words from Nick: "No matter where you live or what piece of nerdy sub-culture you are into there's a whole community waiting for you at nerdywithchildren.com."

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