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Friday, April 20, 2012

Eating a bowl of dip all by myself

Guest post written by Ashley Brown

I'm not proud of myself that I sat on my couch and ate a whole huge bowl of nacho cheese dip by myself. But one thing that I am proud about is that I was able to make it from scratch and I have to say that this dip was downright delicious.

I've made some dip before hat you just melted a block of fake cheese down with, but that just doesn't compare to what I made. I found the recipe online and when I was searching for a good one, I saw some info on debt settlement and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to use it to help out with my debt.

I was pretty astounded with how great this dip was. Too bad I was pretty ashamed that I ate all of it by myself or I would have shared it with someone, or at least let someone know how awesome the dip was. I think that my boyfriend would have really loved it. Although I'm sure he would have eaten most of it.

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  1. Ashley, I can relate – one summer I ate cheese dip nearly every day as a substitute for lunch. I gained 30 pounds and had to ignore the cheese dip aisle every time I went shopping after I discovered the weight gain.