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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

UB-04 Software Relieves Doctors' Headaches!

What drives up medical costs? PAPERWORK! PAPERWORK! And more PAPERWORK! 
If you've ever seen files in a doctor's office you will note that file cabinet after file cabinet, sometimes stacked two and three high, fill your doctor's office. These files are packed with information about all patients within the office, including not only their medical history, but every drug they've ever taken, every procedure they have ever had performed, every visit they've ever made, every everything. And every patient must go through a billing process.
Proper billing requires proper coding and remembering the different billing codes takes a long time. Complying with Medicare and insurance companies, along with filling out medical billing forms, is also time consuming – and tedious. We want our doctors to spend time with us, but when billing takes up almost as much time as a doctor's visit, what's a doctor to do?
Outsource! And what better way to outsource than to find somebody who is using UB-04 Software – a software company that provides forms for insurance billing. 
The UB04 Claim form makes submitting claims easy in so many ways: Help boxes guide you through the learning process, templates eliminate repeat entries, advanced printer alignment calibrates each form with your printer, electronic submissions, the ability to send out multiple claims with a single click, and so much more.
But probably the best asset of the UB-04 is that it allows doctors to give much needed quality time to their patients while somebody else handles the billing.

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