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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check Out This "Writing for AC" Blog

Pamela Gifford began writing her blog, Writing For AC, before she "even really knew what (she) was doing on AC." Admitting that she was merely "squeaking by on page views," Pamela had "no clue what SEO was, and was tickled pink if (she) got 100 page views in a day." In Writing For AC, Pamela chronicles her journey from that of an unknown contributor to that of a Featured Contributor (in the Arts & Entertainment category).

Although she is "not afraid to put (herself) out there" and admits to screwing up now and then, she also provides "information on other content writing sites and basics on content writing in general."

Pamela began her blog, Writing For AC in May 2009, which she initially used to promote her work on Associated Content. As she kept writing it, though, "it turned into a tutorial, a question/answer, and much more."

Who would most likely read her blog? "AC contributors (new or experienced) or anyone who is thinking about signing up for AC."

Pamela provides tips and advice, not only from herself, but also from other contributors, giving readers more opportunities to find the answers they seek. And she wants readers to know that she gives an honest assessment of what they can hope to gain from writing for Associated Content. "The benefit," as Pamela says, "is a truthful sharing of information."

For a featured writer's perspective on Associated Content, visit Writing For AC by Pamela Gifford. And if you would like to read Pamela Gifford's Associated Content Articles, click any of the links under her name.

As an aside, I enjoy writing for Associated Content too. For anyone interested in writing, it's a great place to earn money for your writing.

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  1. I love AC too! It's a very easy way to make money, build a professional profile, and meet nice people in the process.

    Jenny Wagner